IBM Hyperledger Blockchain Event

As many small and big companies, organizations try to develop their own blockchain technologies IBM has developed its own. It is called Hyperledger, which originally was the closed source code project. But somehow IBM decided to make it open source and share its vision regarding to blockchain technolgies. Hyperledger is the collection of the projects that are devoted for blockchain. Private blockchain comes as a main keyword when we talk about HyperLedger, which is different than Ethereum or Bitcoin networks. It is particularly oriented to be deployed in a single organization, or in a consorcium of organizations. It can be configured in a whatever way they want. The speed can be top high compared to other existing blockchain technologies.

I have visited the Blockchain IBM event which has been held in Seoul. Here I would like to simply introduce what I have seen there, and mostly it was introducing the use cases of the HyperLedger. Obviously Diamond tracking example was there too :)


Generational GC

Distributed Energy - Tennet

Europe company that is practicing to centralized control of the energy and distributing among the users.

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Loyalty Program - Global Loyalty accross alliance

Union Pay is actively working with IBM Hyperledger

Airliners can create a common alliance by using blockchain. That way they can track each mileage information about clients.

Supply Chain - Maersk

Maersk, a global leader in container logistics, and IBM, a leading provider of blockchain, supply chain visibility and interoperability solutions for the enterprise, will use blockchain technology to power the new platform, as well as employ other cloud-based open source technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and analytics, delivered via IBM Services, in order to help companies move and track goods digitally across international borders.

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The new company initially plans to commercialize two core capabilities aimed at digitizing the global supply chain from end-to-end:

  • A shipping information pipeline will provide end-to-end supply chain visibility to enable all actors involved in managing a supply chain to securely and seamlessly exchange information about shipment events in real time.
  • Paperless Trade will digitize and automate paperwork filings by enabling end-users to securely submit, validate and approve documents across organizational boundaries, ultimately helping to reduce the time and cost for clearance and cargo movement. Blockchain-based smart contracts ensure all required approvals are in place, helping speed up approvals and reducing mistakes.

Food safety - Walmart

Blockchain with combination with IoT has been applied to track Mango and Pork meat history.

Customer Trust & Confidence

  • Cross-Border workflow
  • Key Information for Customer
  • Provenance food safety

Medicated Health Data Exchange - FDA

Complex Risk Coverage - AIG with Standard Chartered Bank

  • Multinational Blockhain Intiative


Proof of elapsed time (POET) is a blockchain network consensus mechanism algorithm that prevents high resource utilization and high energy consumption, and keeps the process more efficient by following a fair lottery system.

Hyperledger Projects

  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Hyperledger Iroha
  • Hyperledger Indy
  • Hyperledger Burrow