One Year of Leetcode Marathon

Last year(2020) on march when Leetcode has started a monthly challenge I decide to try myself in it. I wasn’t new to leetcode, already was trying to solve problems at least one per day. But it’s well-known fact that people get easily deflected from the original goal because of daily life routines and responsibilities. It is difficult to make it your responsibility to solve the problems in Leetcode, unless you work for leetcode. So I decided to go with other option make it my routine. Leetcode started monthly challenge which was good chance to make it my routine.

About Leetcode Monthly Challenge

Here what it says in the description of the challenge:

This Challenge is beginner-friendly and available to both Premium and non-Premium users. It consists of 31 daily problems over the month of March. A problem is added here each day, and you have 24 hours to make a valid submission for it in order to be eligible for rewards.

At the beginning of the month the questions are given from easy category, That is cool, you start new month with easy winnings. After first week the questions from medium level start coming. As you may already know leetcode’s mediums are questionable on their consistency in difficulty level. Some medium problems are almost same as easy ones, but some of them are harder then Hard-level problems. Last week of each month becomes little hell (that could be subjective) because problems from Hard-level start coming and you know its not a joke anymore. I don’t consider myself as a good leetcoder, in most case I can’t solve hard questions. Thats why I approach it “Try Your best, and then giveup” method. Try my best means I have to spend at least 1-hour over the problem. Sometimes I get naturally involved and it goes up to 3 hours. Main concept in “Try Your best” is write anycode at least to get TLE (Time Limit Exception). Sometimes I endup with code over 200 lines which in some sense works well or could work. Then “giveup” part is coming, which is I go to discussions and look for the solution and enjoy genious solutions people come-up with and try to learn something new.

Fall into a usefull trick.

I somehow believed that Leetcode monthly challenge is organized because of COVID-19, for developers who do WFH (Work From Home). I don’t even know where did I get this inception, that Leetcode monthly challenge will end as soon as COVID-19 ends. Now we are middle of April 2021 and Leetcode monthly challenges are still going-on as COVID-19. The trick for mind worked, because we were expecting it will end in a few month :)

List of one Year Problems

Lets try to get maximum out of given opportunity!