Git Commands

Here I try to put up some of the usefull git commands. Refer to it whenever quick check is needed.

Copy Repository

If we need to copy the repository to a new repository then it can be simply pushed while staying at the source repository. For example we have an old-repo and we want to copy its contents to new-repo.

  1. Create a new-repo (in github for example)
  2. cd to your local copy of the old-repo you want to extract from, which is set up to track the new-project branch that will become the new-repo’s master
  3. $ git push +new-project:master

if you have to enter ssh keys then the step-3 should be done in a following way: $ git push +new-project:master

If you don’t want to make a complications regarding to branches and projects then simply $ git push master would work too.

Push Into Branch

First of all we have to find out what branch is the active one right now, to do that git branch command can be used. The result will be something like: master

  • branch1 branch2 branch3 branch4

The * sing stands for current branch.

  • To create a branch git branch <branchName>
  • To delete a branch git branch -d <branchName>
  • To force delete a branch git branch -D <branchName>
  • To rename current branch to newBranchName git branch -m <newBranchName>
  • List all remote branches git branch -a
  • to push current branch to the branchName git push origin branchName